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Falsified estate planning documents may concern Texas residents

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Estate Planning |

There are many reasons that individuals may feel the need to dispute certain aspects of an estate plan. There may have been issues regarding the beneficiaries named in the documents, or certain documents may even have been falsified. Though estate planning can be useful when it comes to distributing assets after a death, the situation may not always be as straightforward as hoped.

Texas residents may be interested in a estate case that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the issues dealt with the estate of a multimillionaire who had died in 2013. The man’s original will had apparently stated that a large portion of his estate was to be bequeathed to a nonprofit foundation. However, the man’s former caretaker claimed to have found a letter negating that aspect of the will and stated that the money should be given to her. 

Representatives for the foundation challenged the validity of the new will. It was unclear what may have raised their suspicions, but they were apparently warranted as a judge recently ruled that the letter was invalid. It was noted in the report that two individuals who had allegedly witnessed the signing of the letter died last year. 

As this case shows, individuals may not always have the purest intentions when it comes to handling an estate. Therefore, Texas residents who have concerns regarding estate proceedings may wish to determine what legal actions they can take. Discussing these concerns with an experienced estate planning attorney can help individuals find the best course of action.

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