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Texas residents may want info on estate planning and probate

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Estate Planning |

Because there are many documents that may be associated with end-of-life decisions, some Texas residents may not know which options could be right for them. Each estate planning is unique. As a result, individuals may choose different planning methods in order to address how they would like their estate to be distributed.

If individuals only create a will, their estate will go through the probate process. This is a legal proceeding that addresses the validity of the will and provides for the right of certain parties to contest the will. If disputes do arise over the will, litigation could become complicated and time consuming. In such cases, surviving family may wish to consult with experienced attorneys for information on how to handle their predicaments.

Wills can be beneficial documents when it comes to naming heirs and guardians for children. However, wills are also a part of the public record, and as a result, these documents do not hold much for privacy. If individuals would like more privacy and to potentially avoid probate, they may wish to consider creating trusts.

If family members have lost a loved one who left behind a will, those members may wish to determine what steps they may need to take. If they are a part of the probate process, information on the legal proceeding may help them better understand what to expect and what may be expected of them. Discussing concerns and interests with experienced estate planning attorneys may help Texas residents feel more at ease as their cases move forward.

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