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Probate & estate administration: MLK case ongoing

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Facing problems with a family member’s estate could cause considerable upset to the surviving loved ones. Many individuals who are a part of their family members’ probate & estate administration may not always agree with one another on certain decisions. As a result, litigation may be necessary in order to for serious issues to be resolved. 

Texas residents may be interested in a case currently taking place involving certain items in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s estate. The lawsuit has spanned over recent years as his two sons — who have control over the estate — want to sell the civil rights leader’s Bible and Nobel peace prize medal. However, their sister does not wish the items to be sold. In 2014, the siblings had a vote to determine how the items should be handled, and the brothers out-voted their sister. 

The sister was in possession of the items and did not wish to hand them over. As a result, the litigation over the artifacts began. The court has kept the items in a safety deposit box since March 2014 while the case proceeded. The siblings were ordered into mediation to come to an agreement, and though their legal counsel stated that they were close to an agreement, one had not yet been solidified as of last year. Another trial to determine ownership of the peace prize medal is set for next month.

Dealing with estate issues can often be sensitive and complicated matters. As with this case, some family members may have an emotional attachment to items, while others would rather distribute the assets as they see fit. If Texas residents find themselves facing a similar situation and would like assistance in fighting for their desired outcome, consulting with an experienced probate & estate administration attorney could be useful. 

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