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Probate & estate administration issues for Prince case

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Probate & Estate Administration |

As many individuals in Texas and across the country have mourned the death of music legend Prince over the last few months, issues concerning his estate have continued. The late artist died without having created a will, and as result, there have been complications pertaining to his probate & estate administration. Without information provided by the singer himself, court proceedings have continued.

Reports stated that Prince had six living siblings at the time of his death. His sister Tyka Nelson took action after in his death in order to handle his estate by petitioning for a special administrator and naming his remaining heirs. However, since probate proceedings have begun, numerous other individuals have come forward claiming that they should also be considered heirs to the estate that has been estimated as having a value of $500 million.

Recently, it was reported that a judge denied the claims of 29 individuals who stated that they were entitled to part of the estate. Those claims ranged from individuals claiming that Prince was their father to a woman stating that she was his secret wife. The estate has yet to be divided as these claims are sorted and an exact value of the estate is determined. When those issues are cleared, the true heirs will share equal portions of the estate, unless additional conflict arises.

When dealing with estates in which there were no wills left behind, complications may easily arise. If Texas residents are facing such issues, they may want more information on how they may be able to address conflicts pertaining to rightful heirs and other obstacles. Consulting with an experienced probate & estate administration attorney may be a valuable option to consider.

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