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Estate planning documents, asset ownership could be contested

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Estate Planning |

Some Texas residents may have witnessed upsetting events after a loved ones death in which individuals attempt to take certain property away. Items that may have been designated as part of an inheritance in estate planning documents could be argued over if an outside individual claims that the assets did not belong to the deceased. In many cases, such claims could cause considerable complications.

Though the evil step-mother is a notion often seen in fairy tales, some individuals could face real-life issues if their parents married more than once. If a biological parent dies, a non-biological parent could potentially attempt to keep the deceased’s children from getting their rightful inheritances. Unfortunately, without proper evidence of ownership, certain items may be more difficult to inherit.

Additionally, if one individual dies, the ownership of certain property may pass to the surviving spouse. However, if that spouse dies soon after, any children from previous marriages may attempt to stake claim on that property. As a result, probate proceedings may become a difficult process to contend with.

If Texas residents believe that certain parties are trying to unjustly claim property, they may wish to consider their legal options. Estate planning documents can play a considerable role when it comes to beneficiaries, but there are instances in which probate litigation may be necessary. Interested parties may wish to find out more information on such proceedings and consult with experienced attorneys if they hope to ensure that their loved one’s final wishes are carried out as desired.

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