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Probate litigation: Estate of former Cubs player facing disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

Estate issues could arise at any time after an individual’s death, but it is often soon after the details of a will are disclosed that most disputes take place. In many instances, if affected parties are concerned about whether the details of a will express the true intent of the deceased, they may wish to contest the will. This action could potentially lead to probate litigation.

Texas residents may be interested in disputes over the estate of deceased former Cubs baseball player Ernie Banks. Reports stated that Banks died in 2015, and in his will, he reportedly left his inheritance to a long-time friend and also named her executor of the estate. However, this decision is being contested by Banks’ estranged wife.

The wife believes that Banks’ friend took advantage of the man in order to get the will changed after he had been diagnosed with dementia. As a result, the wife has attempted to reach a settlement concerning the changes to the estate, but she has faced some setbacks, including her legal representation exiting the case. At the time of the report, one settlement had been rejected, and both sides were apparently still working to come to an agreeable end to the situation.

If an individual believes that a person was coerced into changing his or her will, the surviving individual may feel a sense of duty to address those concerns. Probate litigation is a process that could help those concerned over estate plans work toward ensuring that the terms expressed in a will are the true desires of the deceased. Texas residents who are considering such action may wish to find out more about this legal process.

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