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Probate litigation may help Texas families resolve estate issues

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

After losing a loved one, it is not unusual for the surviving family members to face a period of complications. Individuals will undoubtedly need to work through their emotions surrounding their loss, and there may also be legal issues pertaining to the estate of the deceased. In some instances, estate issues could lead to probate litigation or other legal action. 

Texas residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that multiple lawsuits were filed among a family after the death of a husband and father. The man’s children filed suit against their mother due to issues surrounding a vacation home and rental income relating to their father’s estate. In response to that suit, the man’s wife and mother of the children filed a suit of her own. 

The children reportedly claimed that the mother had dementia and was receiving unsound advice from an old family friend. However, the mother stated that all of those claims were untrue. The lawsuits were recently settled through mediation, but statements from the mother indicate that the situation may have lasting effects on the family. One son stated he believed filing the lawsuit was the right decision for the circumstances. 

Dealing any in type of family affair is likely to have some repercussions. However, as this case shows, there may be instances in which legal action may be the most prudent course to take in order to reach any resolutions. If Texas residents are facing estate conflicts and wish to see them resolved, they may wish to find out more on probate litigation and other options.

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