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October 2016 Archives

Avoid probate court with these 3 tips

Probate can be costly and time consuming, but there are a few ways in which you can help your family avoid probate court. Making sure you name beneficiaries, live in a community property state or sell your property and assets before death can help resolve probate concerns.

Estate planning updates may be point of concern in Texas

Surviving family members could face many issues after a loved one's death. There could be questions regarding estate planning documents that leave Texas residents wondering whether their loved one's true wishes are being carried out. Some of these concerns may stem from updates or a lack thereof to legal documents such as a will. 

Probate and estate administration may concern Texas residents

When individuals are named as executors of estates, they have numerous responsibilities to which they must attend. However, there may be instances in which family members suspect that the executor of an estate may not be operating under the purest intentions. In such cases, concerned individuals may wish to consult with probate and estate administration attorneys.

Assistance may help with estate planning in Texas

Though some Texas residents may not wish to acknowledge the fact, it is true that everyone will eventually come to their demise. Rather than hide from the topic and risk leaving family behind with confusion and complications relating to an estate, individuals may wish to confront their own mortality and begin estate planning. These plans can help ensure that family members understand their loved one's last wishes.

Probate & estate administration misuse may impact Texas residents

Many Texas residents likely understand that dealing with family can sometimes be difficult. When these issues present themselves after a loved one's death, complications could arise pertaining to the estate. If individuals believe that certain family members or other pertinent parties are not following estate plans as they have been legally established, they may wish to consult with probate & estate administration attorneys.

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