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Estate planning updates may be point of concern in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Estate Planning |

Surviving family members could face many issues after a loved one’s death. There could be questions regarding estate planning documents that leave Texas residents wondering whether their loved one’s true wishes are being carried out. Some of these concerns may stem from updates or a lack thereof to legal documents such as a will. 

It is important to keep a will updated in order to address life changes. However, the way a will is updated could impact how those changes are viewed. If an individual scraps an older version of a will and creates a new one from scratch, it may be less likely that the document will be contested. However, if an individual utilizes codicils — or amendments — to make changes, some family members may feel the need to contest those changes.

Sudden changes could also spark concerns. If an individual truly wishes to make a last-minute change, he or she may want to take the time to prove competency to reduce the possibility of the change being questioned. Additionally, previous versions of wills could also cause complications if they are not thrown out as these old versions may be used to contest newer changes. 

If individuals want to reduce the risk of litigation regarding their estate plans, they may wish to make necessary changes to their plans in a timely manner. If Texas residents suspect that changes made to a loved one’s estate planning documents were done mistakenly or to skew the individual’s true intentions, contesting changes may be warranted. In any case, consulting with an experienced attorney could help ensure that estate plans are in order.

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