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Probate litigation may draw out Texas estate administration

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

After laying a loved one to rest, many individuals hope that they will be able to address any outstanding estate concerns and move forward. However, some estates may have complications that lead to probate litigation. As a result, surviving family members may face drawn-out processes that require legal action in order to be fully addressed. 

Texas residents may be interested in such litigation taking place in another area. Reports stated that the mother and wife of a deceased man are at odds over the contents of the man’s will. The mother is apparently trying to have a revised version of the will overturned and is hoping to gain access to a previous version of the will. However, the man’s widow does not believe his mother should have access to the previous version. 

The dispute revolves around the mother’s concern that her son’s wife coerced him into changing his will, which removes the mother as a beneficiary. The new will was apparently drawn up only days before the man’s death, and the mother stated that her son had wanted to divorce his wife in the years before his passing. It is unclear whether a previous version of the document will be presented to the court. 

Estate issues can place a considerable strain on surviving family members, and when relationships were already tense, the proceedings relating to any disputes could become even more stressful. When probate litigation arises due to contesting a will or other issues, Texas residents may need information on how to handle such legal action. Speaking with experienced attorneys could help concerned parties determine their next steps.

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