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The family business may lead to probate litigation in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

Facing conflicts with family may be among the most difficult situations to handle. Disputes can often arise after the death of a loved one when arguments regarding the estate plan erupt among surviving family members. In many cases, this conflict can lead to probate litigation. Texas residents may be interested in one case in another state that has been underway for some time. 

Reports stated that issues surrounding a family business led to the litigation. The deceased man had operated the packaging company for nearly 40 years by the time he died in 2014. After his death, the ownership of the company was transferred to his children, but one daughter was given full control of the business. The daughter did not wish to sell the business, which appears to be the crux of the conflict. 

The other siblings decided to move forward with probate litigation. An interim CEO was appointed pending the litigation, and the report stated that this individual hired an investment banking firm to sell the company. Before this occurred, the judge presiding over the case had removed the daughter as a trustee, which led to the interim CEO appointment. 

When significant issues surrounding an estate come about, probate litigation may be the most plausible course of action. Ensuring that serious disagreements are attended to may prevent additional complications from occurring. If Texas residents are facing problems of their own when it comes to the estates of deceased loved ones, they may wish to determine whether litigation would suit their circumstances.

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