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Professionals help with Texas probate and estate administration

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Being set to inherit assets from family members may bring mixed emotions for many Texas residents. However, those individuals undoubtedly want to ensure that the probate and estate administration for their deceased loved ones is handled properly. Therefore, if concerns do come about, parties may be wise to consult with legal professionals. 

One out-of-state family is currently facing such concerns after the estate of one man’s grandparents was being prepared for auction. The report stated that the grandparents had apparently left the entirety of the estate to the man, but an attorney had stepped in and allowed an auction company to enter the grandparents’ home in order to remove property. Additionally, an auction date was set without the man’s knowledge or approval. 

The family is apparently unclear as to whether these actions are warranted. Though it is possible that the attorney is acting in the interests of the estate by auctioning property to cover debts, the family may wish to examine the will and other estate documents to better understand their situation. By having the right information, they may see the actions of everyone involved more clearly.

In order to fully understand roles in probate and estate administration, concerned individuals may wish to consult with experienced attorneys. These legal professionals can help assess specific cases and answer questions that Texas residents may have when it comes to their loved ones’ estates. Because estate matters can be sensitive and confusing, gaining the right assistance could help streamline difficult proceedings and help get affairs in order. 

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