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Probate litigation may settle estate concerns in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

Having concerns over a loved one’s estate can leave many individuals feeling uneasy. Some Texas residents may wonder whether their concerns are valid or if they are over-thinking a simple misunderstanding. However, there are cases in which issues with an estate could have come about due to unseemly actions from another individual, and parties may wish to consider probate litigation in order to address those issues.

One case in another state involving deceased former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson recently came to an end. Reports stated that the lawsuit began when Thompson’s sons suspected that their father’s widow had coerced him into changing his will near the end of his life. This concern arose due to discovering that more than $40,000 in legal expenses had accrued in relation to new estate plans drafted while their father was under hospice care.

Though the sons attempted to gain answers privately from the widow, their questions were never answered. As a result, they took legal action in order to address their concerns and ensure that no wrongdoing took place. They recently withdrew their suit after a judge ordered that documents relating to the estate plans be provided by the widow. After viewing the documents, the sons felt that their father’s wishes had been followed. 

Whenever individuals have doubts as to whether their loved ones’ final wishes have been carried out, taking steps to address these concerns is often in their best interests. Whether the action involves privately gaining answers or moving forward with probate litigation, putting those concerns to rest could potentially help surviving family move on. If Texas residents are dealing with such suspicions and issues of their own, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys about their options.

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