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Texas estate administration may contain complications

On Behalf of | May 24, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration |

When an estate is ready to be administered, individuals who have been appointed executors come forward to take on the necessary duties. However, some Texas residents may have died without making such appointments or creating any type of estate plan, and as a result, legal professionals may be tasked with carrying out estate administration. Unfortunately, this task may prove complicated when there are no immediate heirs or beneficiaries known. 

Luckily, one man in another state has a job he enjoys that involves finding potential heirs. When an estate worth at least $100,000 goes unclaimed, the man gets to work looking for possible relatives. This task often has its challenges as a lack of immediate family can make it more difficult to find relatives. In some cases, the man must even contact individuals who live abroad. 

However, his research can help parties come into comfortable inheritances if they choose to utilize his services. He noted that some people believe that they can prove their relationships to the deceased on their own, but the man stated that most parties fail at this attempt without his professional help. Because court proceedings are necessary in order for a distant relative to gain part of the estate, the man can act as a witness to provide useful proof.

Though dying without a will can cause complications and require extra steps such as the ones this man carries out, difficulties with estate administration can come about for anyone. Therefore, Texas residents who have been named executors may wish to find out more on the process. Experienced attorneys could offer valuable assistance to individuals in this position who are uncertain how to perform the necessary duties.

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