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Could a DIY will lead to probate litigation in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

Creating a will is a very personal process for anyone who chooses to take part in this aspect of estate planning. It can also prove somewhat difficult to find the best manner in which to create a will, as there are many options available. Some Texas residents may wish to enlist the help of experienced legal counsel, while others may simply consider making the document on their own using online resources. However, overlooked issues could result in probate litigation.

While taking the DIY route is a viable option, individuals may wish to remember that online tools may not always take important aspects of an estate into consideration. For instance, certain planning aspects do not carry over from one state to another. If a general online application is used to create a will, a person could be unaware that the document made is actually invalid due to certain details.

Additionally, the wording of the document can also have significant implications. Though the phrasing may seem adequate to one person, other individuals could take different interpretations, and as a result, issues could arise. When problems do come about, the creator of the will may not be aware of those issues due to his or her passing, but the surviving family may have many struggles with which to contend.

If surviving loved ones have run into problems due to a self-made will created by a deceased family member, they may not fully know how to handle the situation. If the problems are significant enough, probate litigation may even be necessary. In such cases, Texas residents may wish to consult with experienced attorneys to determine their best options for handling their predicaments.

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