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Probate administration notice provides info to interested parties

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Multiple steps must be followed according to state law in order to effectively close a deceased individual’s estate. Most Texas residents know that wills and other documents must be examined and property must be distributed, but there are other actions that need to take place as well. For instance, a public notice of probate administration must be provided.

These public notices typically contain pertinent information that individuals interested in the estate may need. A notice was recently posted for a decedent in another state and was posted in order to inform heirs, beneficiaries, creditors and other people interested in the man’s estate that the petition to begin probate had been filed. It also gave the name of the person petitioning to stand as personal representative for the estate.

Time-related information was also included in this particular notice. The date, time and location for the probate petition hearing was included in order for interested parties to come to the hearing if they desired. During this time, individuals with concerns or grievances against the estate could file claims. A time frame was also provided for creditors to file claims in hopes of collecting on outstanding liabilities.

Notices of probate administration are often necessary due to the public nature of these legal proceedings. If Texas residents have concerns about the process or how to begin proceedings in the correct manner, they may wish to gain more information on this legal area. Knowledgeable attorneys could provide answers and guidance to interested individuals looking to properly address their loved ones’ estates.

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