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Family and funds: Probate litigation could arise over inheritance

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

In order to address serious issues, legal proceedings sometimes become necessary. When it comes to concerns with a deceased individual’s estate, probate litigation could be the avenue that Texas residents utilize in order to have their concerns addressed. The reasons for the conflict can vary, but one issue could revolve around certain family members feeling as if another individual should not inherit portions of the estate.

This type of predicament is currently affecting a family in another state. Reports indicated that a man is apparently in line to inherit millions of dollars from his late grandfather’s estate due to the presumed death of his mother. The grandfather was killed by a gunshot wound, and the mother went missing after a boating incident. The man’s three aunts suspect that he was somehow involved in the deaths.

Due to these suspicions, his aunts hope to bar the man from gaining an inheritance from the estate. The man has denied having any involvement in either of his family members’ deaths, though he was considered a suspect in his grandfather’s shooting. In regard to this estate dispute, he plans on representing himself during the legal proceedings.

Family and money often prove tricky to deal with. When issues with the two coincide, it is not unusual for individuals to feel uncertain as far as effectively addressing the issues. Probate litigation can be a difficult process to go through, and a lack of knowledge of the proceedings could make some Texas residents feel at a loss. Luckily, concerned parties could gain assistance from knowledgeable attorneys.

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