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Donald Fagen involved in probate litigation with Becker’s estate

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

When a person dies, their worldly affairs are often far from over. Many individuals still have issues relating to their estates that need attending to before those affairs can be closed. In some cases, this process can take longer than others, especially if probate litigation takes place. This type of issue is not uncommon, as individuals may feel the need to take legal action for various reasons.

Texas residents may be interested in current litigation relating to the estate of late Steely Dan bandmember Walter Becker. The lawsuit involves the last surviving bandmember, Donald Fagen. Apparently, Becker and Fagen had entered into an agreement 45 years ago that indicated that surviving bandmembers would buy back all shares of band-related stock from individuals who left the band or died.

Fagen believes this agreement should apply, but apparently Becker’s widow wants 50 percent ownership of the band. Becker’s surviving family claims that Fagen’s legal claim does not disclose entirely truthful information. A statement from the family also indicates that they apparently hope to come to some sort of compromise with Fagen in regard to the situation.

Coming to agreements over sensitive issues, especially after someone’s death, is not always easy. In some instances, taking legal courses of action may be necessary in order to ensure that the situation is properly addressed. If Texas residents feel that they have reason to file a claim against the estates of recently deceased individuals, they may wish to learn more about probate litigation and consider consulting with experienced attorneys for more information.

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