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January 2018 Archives

Estate administration confusion may arise over outstanding debts

Acting as executor of an estate can be a complex task. With all the responsibilities to hold and duties to complete, individuals in this position can easily find themselves wondering how to properly address certain steps of the estate administration process. In particular, Texas residents may have questions when it comes to paying a deceased individual's outstanding debts.

Lack of communication, knowledge could affect estate planning

There are many steps involved with ensuring that a person has created the right estate plan. In addition to actually going through the estate planning process, it may be important for individuals to share their plans with their family members. A lack of information among family could potentially result in unnecessary complications.

Probate litigation may determine executor of Manson estate

After a person's death, many tasks need addressing, and those duties cannot be completed until someone is appointed to handle the estate. In some cases, a person's will may indicate who should act as executor, but in other instances, the designation may not be clear. Some individuals who are adamant about taking over an estate or addressing concerns with legal documents may end up going through probate litigation.

Probate litigation may result from concerns of undue influence

Fearing that someone has taken advantage of a loved one can cause many Texas residents to wonder about their best courses of action. In the event that the loved one has passed away and there are concerns regarding estate plans, some individuals may feel the need to move forward with probate litigation. This step could help them to question whether their loved one's wishes were truly carried out.

Estate executors have many duties during probate proceedings

Acting as executor of a Texas estate presents many responsibilities and duties. Because the executor must see the estate through the probate process, that individual will need to start out by finding the decedent's will and ensuring that the estate assets remain in order until time for distribution. This step often involves presenting the will to the court in order to begin the legal proceedings and taking measures to protect property.

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