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March 2018 Archives

Estate plans may help probate go more smoothly

Closing an estate is a complex process. Surviving family members have many decisions to make and affairs to address, and without instructions left behind by their deceased loved ones, Texas residents can face a difficult estate administration process. However, having an estate plan to follow could help probate go more smoothly.

A 2nd marriage may have kids considering probate litigation

Getting married more than once is common for many Texas residents. These second or additional marriages may also come with children from previous marriages, and blended families are created. Though some individuals may feel very attached to their stepparents and stepsiblings, it is possible that conflict could arise after a biological parent's passing. As a result, probate litigation could ensue.

If a will was left behind, probate will likely be necessary

Dealing with any type of legal proceeding can be difficult. Most people do not understand the intricate ins and outs involved with various situations that require legal attention, and this lack of knowledge may leave some Texas residents feeling concerned when they need to move forward with such a process. For instance, some individuals may need to probate their loved ones' estate after their passing.

Probate: Are children responsible for a deceased parent's debt?

The loss of a parent can be a difficult event in any Texas resident's life. Grief can greatly affect many people, and on top of those feelings, some surviving children may also need to take on the responsibilities associated with closing their parents' estates. These tasks are generally taken care of during the probate process, but some concerns regarding remaining debt may loom quickly.

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