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April 2018 Archives

Protecting assets before probate is important job of executors

The passing of a loved one is a major event for most Texas residents. The lives of many people may be changed considerably, and individuals put in charge of the decedents' final affairs will have many tasks to handle, especially when it comes to probate. Executors typically know ahead of time that they will face these duties, and taking certain steps soon after the death may be wise.

Parents and children may want to discuss care and estate planning

Some Texas residents may have had friends who have ended up in a difficult position where medical decisions had to be made for a loved one. The friend may have indicated that his or her family member did not create any type of plan that stated how such a medical situation should be handled, and as a result, that person may have faced a great deal of uncertainty during an already difficult time. This type of situation may have some parties considering talking about care and estate planning with their close family.

The challenge of choosing a power of attorney

There are many decisions to wrestle with when creating an estate plan. Few families are so harmonious that the parents are able to easily designate assets and authority without a twinge of uncertainty. Perhaps you have more than a twinge as you consider the documents you wish to include in your estate plan.

Could family discussion lessen the chances of probate litigation?

Family relationships often prove difficult. While many Texas residents are able to get along well enough with their loved ones, there are still certain situations in which a rift could easily occur. In particular, if a parent dies and the contents of his or her estate plan come as a surprise, disagreements and possibly even probate litigation could take place.

Family conflict often leads to probate litigation

Families often have disagreements. Conflict typically comes with the territory no matter how much Texas family members love each other. When a loved one dies, the potential for conflict may increase as emotions run high, and some individuals may feel entitled to certain assets or have concerns about the decedent's true intentions. When these issues come about, probate litigation may take place.

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