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Parents and children may want to discuss care and estate planning

Some Texas residents may have had friends who have ended up in a difficult position where medical decisions had to be made for a loved one. The friend may have indicated that his or her family member did not create any type of plan that stated how such a medical situation should be handled, and as a result, that person may have faced a great deal of uncertainty during an already difficult time. This type of situation may have some parties considering talking about care and estate planning with their close family.

In particular, children may want to broach the topic of long-term care with their parents. It may seem uncomfortable to bring up, but if individuals do not know what their parents' wishes are in the event that they become incapacitated, confusion and concern may reign. In fact, after bringing up the topic, some parties may find that their parents have created plans but did not tell the children about them.

While the plan itself can still prove beneficial, it may also be helpful for close family members to understand the choices a person makes. These conversations may help prevent conflict between children who may need to deal with a seriously ill or injured parent. Additionally, it can also help parents explain what they want, why they want it and who should be in charge of decisions.

These conversations could also help children consider going through the estate planning process themselves. They may think it is more important to get the ball rolling for their parents, but an incapacitating event could take place at any time. Because of this possibility, Texas adults of any age may want to gain more information on their options for long-term care planning.

Source:, "Make your health care wishes known", Donald Letendre, April 17, 2018

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