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Executors have many tasks to complete during probate

Most Texas residents want their final affairs to be handled properly and with dignity. Fortunately, there are many estate planning options that could help interested parties better ensure that their estates close in the manners they see fit. In particular, it may prove wise for individuals to think carefully about who they want to put in charge of their probate proceedings.

Handwritten will leads to probate litigation

In Texas and elsewhere, obtaining an unexpected inheritance can often make anyone feel a sense of joy and excitement. However, before assets can be distributed, a will must be validated and the probate process needs to take place. Unfortunately, during the legal proceedings, conflicts could arise that lead to probate litigation.

Summary probate simplifies closing a small estate

If your loved one recently died, you may be dreading the process of probate. Whether you have seen news stories of celebrities whose estates dragged through years of contests and litigation or you have personal experience with a tedious and stressful probate, you are not looking forward to the months ahead for your loved one's little estate.

Probate litigation can involve many people and entities

Many complications can arise after a Texas resident's death. When estate plans or beneficiary designations have not been updated, the chance for conflict could increase. In many cases, probate litigation may be necessary in order to resolve these conflicts, and third parties could end up caught up in the disputes.

Estate funds could be used to address probate litigation

Being named executor of an estate can bring about mixed emotions. Some people may feel honored that their loved ones trusted them with such responsibility, and others may feel overwhelmed by the idea of going through probate. In particular, Texas residents may worry about the possibility of estate disputes and having to go through probate litigation.

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