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June 2018 Archives

A letter of intent may play a role in estate planning

Making plans can have many benefits. When it comes to estate planning, Texas residents can let their families know important information that will need taking into account after their deaths. However, in order to have comprehensive plans, individuals may want to make sure that they utilize the right planning tools.

Acting as executor during probate administration is no easy task

Most people understand that emotional turmoil is likely to result from the loss of a loved one. However, even during this emotionally difficult time, it is likely that legal proceedings will need to take place. Probate administration is the process that allows the personal representative for an estate to settle final affairs and close the estate overall.

Gathering your deceased loved one's vital documents

The passing of a loved one is an emotional time, especially if the deceased was a parent. You are likely feeling overwhelmed, not only with your own emotions, but with the emotions of your siblings and other relatives and friends who are feeling the loss. While you certainly need time to mourn and to comfort your loved ones, there are also legal details to take care of.

No will, or too many wills, could lead to probate litigation

There are many issues that could lead to conflicts when working to settle the estate of a recently-deceased Texas resident. When there are complex or valuable assets involved, especially with those of successful artists, it can be difficult to work through the legal proceedings of closing the estate without the right information. Unfortunately, probate litigation may take place in hopes of coming to terms.

End-of-life care wishes can go into estate planning

When individuals in Texas have plans for any type of situation, they often feel better about what they may face in the future. In particular, estate planning can help address a myriad of life aspects that could help parties feel as if they have not left anything up to chance. However, some individuals may not take the time needed to address how they would like their care attended to at the end of their lives.

Unclear wording in will leads to probate litigation

When a loved one passes away, surviving family can become very protective over the assets left behind. In particular, when a will seems to leave instructions for distribution, individuals can feel dismayed when it appears that those instructions are not being followed. In fact, some issues could even lead to probate litigation.

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