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Without an estate plan, probate can become more complicated

Being an adult child can come with many responsibilities. Aside from caring for their own children, many Texas residents may also find themselves taking on a caretaker role for their parents. In particular, they may hope that their parents have created estate plans that will help with the probate process when that time comes. Of course, the idea of making a plan may be met with some resistance.

A copy of a will may be requested after it is filed for probate

A person's will can play an important role in many affairs after his or her death. Some surviving loved ones may want to know the contents of the will as soon as possible after the death. However, the will only becomes a part of the public record after it has been filed with the court for probate. After this has taken place, individuals could request a copy.

Your options for challenging a will are limited

When faced with the shock of losing a loved one, you may be doubly confounded to learn that your loved one excluded you from the will or that your share of the estate is considerably smaller than what you expected to inherit. Perhaps the deceased made a point to tell you that he or she had included you in the will, but you learned after his or her death that your loved one had written a new will leaving you out.

Adult kids and parents may want to discuss estate planning

Many Texas residents may have already considered many aspects of their own estate plans. During this time, they may have wondered whether their parents had given any thought to estate planning. If the subject has never been discussed, adult children may want to talk about with their parents about their end-of-life wishes.

Bourdain will submitted to court for probate

After a person's death, there is much that needs to be done. In particular, the probate process needs completing along with any other necessary actions to close the estate. In best cases, the deceased individual will have created a will or other estate planning documents that will help the process go more smoothly.

Glen Campbell estate facing probate litigation

Families in Texas and elsewhere often face issues among themselves and with others. In some cases, children and parents can become estranged, and after a parent passes, issues could arise if surviving children believe that there are problems with the will or inheritances in general. Some parents may even disinherit children, but that may not prevent probate litigation.

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