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A copy of a will may be requested after it is filed for probate

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

A person’s will can play an important role in many affairs after his or her death. Some surviving loved ones may want to know the contents of the will as soon as possible after the death. However, the will only becomes a part of the public record after it has been filed with the court for probate. After this has taken place, individuals could request a copy.

In order to request a copy, parties will first need to determine where it was filed. As part of starting the probate process, the document should have been filed in the Texas county where the decedent lived. After finding the right court, interested individuals could go in person to request a copy or provide a written request. The interested parties may also need to pay a copying fee and possibly provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope if the document needs to be mailed.

If the document has not been filed with the court yet, viewing the contents of the will may become more difficult. However, if the individual with the original copy of the will does not file it with the court, he or she could face legal consequences. Additionally, the person attempting to view the document may have the ability to take action in court to have the person file the document.

The probate process can be a complicated one, and some individuals may want to know whether they could be in line for an inheritance as soon as possible. If individuals in Texas believe that someone is not acting in the appropriate manner when it comes to filing a will with the court, they may want to learn more about steps to take. Consulting with an attorney could help them learn more about their options.