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Bourdain will submitted to court for probate

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

After a person’s death, there is much that needs to be done. In particular, the probate process needs completing along with any other necessary actions to close the estate. In best cases, the deceased individual will have created a will or other estate planning documents that will help the process go more smoothly.

Texas residents may be interested in the information that late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain left behind in his estate plan. Apparently, Bourdain’s estate was estimated at approximately $1.2 million, and he left the majority of the estate to his 11-year-old daughter. A breakdown of his assets showed $500,000 in royalties and similar payouts from his television work, $35,000 in brokerage accounts, $250,000 in personal property, and $425,000 in savings and cash.

It was also noted that Bourdain had utilized a trust for other assets, so it is unclear what the exact value of his estate may actually have been. Because trusts are not part of the public record, information regarding the trust was limited. It was reported that his estranged wife and mother of his daughter is set to act as trustee until his daughter comes of age, and she was also appointed executor of the estate. She is set to obtain some of the late chef’s assets as well.

Probate proceedings can be a complicated time for surviving loved ones. Even with instructions left by the decedent, there may still be many questions that need answering, and conflict is not ruled out. If Texas residents hold the role of executor, they may wish to consider enlisting professional legal assistance to work through the process.