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Glen Campbell estate facing probate litigation

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Families in Texas and elsewhere often face issues among themselves and with others. In some cases, children and parents can become estranged, and after a parent passes, issues could arise if surviving children believe that there are problems with the will or inheritances in general. Some parents may even disinherit children, but that may not prevent probate litigation.

It was recently reported that the estate of late country singer Glen Campbell is currently facing this type of situation. The administrator of the estate has apparently been unable to complete many of the necessary probate-related duties due to the conflict within the family. A court order prevented the administrator from moving forward, and he is currently working to reverse that order in efforts to obtain professional assistance in determining the value of the estate and applicable royalties.

The specific issues within the estate apparently relate to the fact that Campbell excluded three of his eight children from his will. The document was created 11 years before Campbell’s death last year. It was unclear what type of actions are underway to address the problems that the estate is currently facing.

Celebrity estates are not the only ones that could face probate litigation. Any time a family member or other party with legal standing believes that a problem exists with a deceased individual’s estate or estate planning documents, conflict could arise. If individuals in Texas are currently facing such issues or believe they have reason to file suit against an estate, they may want to consult with legal professionals about their options.