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August 2018 Archives

Time and cost may not be reasons to avoid probate

Many Texas residents may think that since the legal proceedings needed to close an estate can become complicated, they should avoid it at all costs. However, probate does not have to be viewed as a negative process. Additionally, it makes sense for the details of a particular estate to better determine whether avoiding the process may be wise rather than simply viewing it as a mistake.

Probate administration for Franklin estate may prove difficult

The death of a loved one is commonly a difficult experienced to endure. In many cases, the loved one who has passed created an estate plan that helps surviving family close the remaining estate. However, it is also not unusual for parties to die without having created a will or other planning documents, and families may have a hard time with probate administration.

Without a will, does the spouse or kids inherit property?

These days, more people are understanding the importance of estate planning. Of course, not every person creates the necessary documents to ensure that their loved ones know their end-of-life wishes. As a result, many people have to go through the probate process after a loved one's death without instruction from the decedent.

Excluding a loved one from a will could affect probate

Throughout life, many Texas residents may have had difficult relationships with their loved ones. As a result, they may consider leaving a family member out of the will or otherwise excluding them from receiving anything from the estates after their passing. While this is certainly an option for anyone, it may bring about concerns over the probate process.

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