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Probate administration for Franklin estate may prove difficult

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

The death of a loved one is commonly a difficult experienced to endure. In many cases, the loved one who has passed created an estate plan that helps surviving family close the remaining estate. However, it is also not unusual for parties to die without having created a will or other planning documents, and families may have a hard time with probate administration.

Texas residents may be interested in recent reports indicating that music legend Aretha Franklin died intestate. Without having created a will or trust, the iconic singer’s assets will now have to be distributed in accordance with state law, and the situation also opens the estate to possible contests and other conflicts. The report stated that Franklin’s four sons have come forward as interested parties in the estate.

Because the lack of a will means a lack of executor, a personal representative will also need appointing to the estate. A petition was filed with the court by Franklin’s niece to take on this position. More information about her lack of estate plan will undoubtedly become available later, especially if any disputes come about in relation to the estate.

Without a will, probate administration can easily become a complicated affair. If families in Texas face this type of scenario, they may wonder what steps they need to take to ensure that the estate is properly handled. Individuals with questions may want to consult with legal professionals who can explain intestate laws, probate, how to handle conflicts and other important legal aspects of closing an estate without a plan.