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Can probate litigation take place even with no-contest clauses?

It is not unusual for surviving family members to feel disgruntled with the manner in which a loved one may have distributed assets in his or her will. In some cases, this dissatisfaction could lead to probate litigation as individuals attempt to obtain an outcome that they feel better suits the circumstances. Litigation could also come about in the event that Texas families suspect that a will may be invalid.

Executors face a great deal of responsibility during probate

The passing of a loved one often signals a number of changes in surviving family members' lives. It also means that a great deal of obligations will need attending to, including closing the deceased's estate. The probate process can be long and tedious, and the appointed executor will need to address the necessary responsibilities.

As executor, you need to notify all heirs

As an executor, you receive several duties and tasks to complete as you work to administer and close the estate of your loved one. You will gather assets, pay bills and taxes and distribute property. You will also have one vitally important task to complete -- locate all heirs identified in the will and all heirs-at-law.

What traits may help executors through probate administration?

Having the right knowledge and abilities can often make attending to obligations much easier. In particular, individuals who know what to expect when acting as executor during Texas probate administration may find themselves going through the proceedings much more smoothly. Of course, each case is different, and it is not always easy to settle an estate.

Concerns over undue influence may lead to probate litigation

The loss of a loved one can come with many factors to consider. In some cases, when a person's estate ends up unexpectedly going to a single person, the family may have to consider whether probate litigation could suit the situation. This type of legal action could help families who believe that their loved ones were taken advantage of while in a vulnerable state.

Out-of-state executors may have concerns over Texas probate

When a loved one who lived in Texas passes away, it can be difficult for surviving family members no matter where they live. Still, a great deal of settling the final estate of the deceased will have to take place in the state of residency. As a result, an out-of-state relative named as executor may feel uncertain about the probate process.

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