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Out-of-state executors may have concerns over Texas probate

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

When a loved one who lived in Texas passes away, it can be difficult for surviving family members no matter where they live. Still, a great deal of settling the final estate of the deceased will have to take place in the state of residency. As a result, an out-of-state relative named as executor may feel uncertain about the probate process.

Fortunately, individuals who have been named as executors do not have to go through the legal proceedings alone. They can enlist the help of knowledgeable attorneys who can explain specific state law procedures and also help handle necessary paperwork that may not require a special trip to Texas from the executor. Of course, the exact actions that an executor will need to take depend on the circumstances surrounding the remaining estate.

In some cases, probate may not be necessary. However, if a loved one created a will and had probate assets, the executor will need to take the proper actions to see that the will is validated and that final affairs are settled. The amount of time the process takes will also depend on the details of the estate.

Probate can seem like an intimidating process, especially for those who may have to make special trips out of their home states to complete the proceedings. If individuals taking on the role of executor feel uncertain, they may want to take the time to gain reliable legal information. Consulting with Texas attorneys can help concerned parties understand their exact duties and how they can most effectively close their loved one’s estates.