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Business owners may worry about acting as probate executors

Being a Texas business owner means that a person already has a lot on his or her plate. If a loved one passes and the owner was named as executor of the estate, that person will have even more responsibilities to address. Probate takes a great deal of time and effort to complete, and executors may want to make sure they understand what is ahead.

Woman may pursue probate litigation over mother's decision

Many people have dreams in life that simply do not pan out. Individuals may accept this outcome and move on with their lives. However, others may find out later that a loved one's actions prevented their dreams from coming true. In some cases, this information may not come to light until after the loved one's passing. As a result, probate litigation could take place in hopes of addressing damages.

Probate litigation involves claims of murder

After a family member's passing, discontent among surviving family is not unusual. In many cases, heirs may fight over the remaining estate, even if the deceased left a will. In particular, if one individual feels cheated, he or she may feel that probate litigation is necessary in hopes of reaching a more desirable outcome.

Order of priority important when dealing with debt during probate

Acting as executor often means that an individual will have to delve deeply into the personal affairs of another person, typically a family member or other close loved one. While many people may willingly take on such a role, probate can come with many complexities, and some estate details can make the process more difficult than others. For instance, if a Texas executor is dealing with an insolvent estate, he or she may have extra work.

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