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December 2018 Archives

Death during the holidays means having to address final affairs

Though many Texas residents hope that the holiday season will be a time a joy, that is not always the case. Families can lose loved ones at any point of the year, and a death in the family during the holidays may seem even more harrowing. Still, there is much to do after such an event when it comes to addressing the person's final affairs.

Pressure to distribute assets could derail estate administration

When put in an important position, most people want to do the best they can. Individuals who have been named executors of Texas estates find themselves in very important positions. They have several obligations that need addressing, and they can often feel pressure from others during the estate administration process.

Stopping a decedent's mail during and after probate

While trying to close a loved one's estate, Texas executors may have to deal with some unexpected tasks. For instance, their deceased loved ones may continue to receive mail, which can become a nuisance. There are multiple ways to address this issue, depending on whether probate is still open or has been closed.

How can I protect myself from power of attorney abuse?

When choosing a power of attorney agent, many people make what they think is a reasonable choice and name their eldest child or their closest friend. If you, as the principal, are considering this move, think carefully before you move forward. Are you making this decision because you genuinely believe the person you picked will efficiently handle your financial affairs or because you are afraid of hurting that person's feelings if you choose someone else?

Sibling fights are not an unusual cause of probate litigation

While coming together after the death of a loved one is often the hoped-for outcome, it is not always the reality. In fact, some family members may wind up in probate litigation due to disputes over the remaining estate. In particular, it is not unusual for siblings to fight over choices a deceased parent made or over remaining assets.

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