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Pressure to distribute assets could derail estate administration

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

When put in an important position, most people want to do the best they can. Individuals who have been named executors of Texas estates find themselves in very important positions. They have several obligations that need addressing, and they can often feel pressure from others during the estate administration process.

When it comes to being pressured, it is often surviving loved ones of the deceased who can put this pressure on the executor. Often, these individuals are feeling emotional after their loss, and they want the administration process to move forward as quickly as possible. In particular, people are often concerned with obtaining assets from the estate. However, the executor has to follow certain steps in a designated order, or the entire process could be thrown off. 

Asset distribution typically comes as the last stage of probate or after the legal process has been completed. If executors give in to pressure to distribute assets early, several negative consequences could result. The estate may not have enough remaining assets to cover liabilities from creditors or taxes, and the executor may have to handle those financial liabilities personally. Additionally, early distribution to one person could lead others to subsequently seek assets, and conflict could result if someone is denied an asset or given one not intended for him or her.

Estate administration is a legal process, and just like most other legal processes, there is an order to completing the required steps. Individuals in charge of settling Texas estates may worry about the pressure they may feel and whether it could cause them to make the wrong choices. Luckily, these individuals can obtain the help of experienced attorneys who can ensure that the process stays on track.