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Sibling fights are not an unusual cause of probate litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

While coming together after the death of a loved one is often the hoped-for outcome, it is not always the reality. In fact, some family members may wind up in probate litigation due to disputes over the remaining estate. In particular, it is not unusual for siblings to fight over choices a deceased parent made or over remaining assets.

Some Texas residents may find themselves facing disputes over the person chosen as executor. Some siblings may take it as a sign that a parent liked one child more than the others, which can cause resentment. As a result, the other siblings could question the executor’s every move and cause major delays in the probate process, and they may even feel the need to take legal action.

Another issue that commonly results in family disputes is when property is not distributed in the manner surviving loved ones believe it should be. In some cases, wills do not name every asset and who should receive it. As a result, siblings may wind up fighting over a sentimental item, claiming that a parent wanted one child to have it, even though it was not specified in the documentation. Legal fights over specific items are common.

While most people hope that the legal proceedings will go as quickly and smoothly as possible, probate litigation can take place when disputes arise. Texas executors will certainly want to find the best ways to handle this type of scenario, and having the right help may prove invaluable. Speaking with experienced attorneys may help concerned parties understand their options.