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Stopping a decedent’s mail during and after probate

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

While trying to close a loved one’s estate, Texas executors may have to deal with some unexpected tasks. For instance, their deceased loved ones may continue to receive mail, which can become a nuisance. There are multiple ways to address this issue, depending on whether probate is still open or has been closed.

If probate proceedings are still open, the executor could utilize a service offered by the Direct Marketing Association. The service allows the executor or other loved one to input the deceased person’s information into the “deceased do not contact” registration. Junk mail addressed to the deceased should decrease in approximately three months after registration. The executor could also inform specific organizations of the death in order to stop receiving mail.

If the probate process has been completed, the executor can inform the appropriate post office. Providing a copy of the court order, showing that the estate has been closed and requesting that all mail service stop immediately, can ensure that mail addressed to the deceased person is not delivered. Only the executor of the estate can carry out this action.

Addressing a deceased person’s mail is only one part of settling an estate’s final affairs. Texas executors have a substantial amount of work to handle when it comes to completing probate successfully. Fortunately, they can gain assistance as they work through the process. Individuals in this position may want to look into enlisting the help of knowledgeable attorneys who could provide advice and guidance throughout the legal proceedings necessary to close estates.