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2nd marriages mean revisiting estate planning

When a first marriage does not work out, some people may worry that they will never find love again. However, numerous individuals in Texas and across the country do end up marrying again. When this happens, it is not only wise to consider who the marriage will impact at the present, but also how it might affect estate planning information.

Resentment and favoritism may contribute to probate litigation

Most Texas parents want to take steps to help their children feel as equal as possible. Of course, even with the parents' best efforts, some children may still feel as if they got the short end of the stick on many occasions. If parents do not discuss their estate plans with their kids before their deaths, the children may be left with hard feelings that they may want to address through probate litigation.

Probate can come with many fees to address

Handling another person's affairs can be a complex matter. After a loved one's death, the executor of a Texas estate must address a number of final affairs and ensure that the estate closes in the correct manner. During the probate process, the executor also has the obligation of making sure that the necessary fees are paid.

Handling probate entitles the executor to a fee

Probate is a long and difficult process. Even simple estates can face complications that can take a significant amount of time to address. If your loved one's estate is complex, or you have to handle family disputes over assets or information, your work as executor may become even more trying.

Obtaining values, handling debt are financial aspects of probate

When a person is named executor of a Texas estate, that individual generally wants to make sure that he or she does a good job with closing the estate. While this desire is important, it is also wise to make sure that the proper steps are taken to avoid mistakes during the process. After all, probate proceedings take a considerable amount of work.

Outstanding debt needs addressing during probate

When closing a Texas resident's estate, there are many financial issues that need addressing. For instance, if an individual had outstanding debt, the executor of the estate would need to handle that debt during the probate process. The payment of outstanding balances does depend on the type of debt. 

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