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February 2019 Archives

Titling issues can make probate more complicated

Settling the final affairs of a recently deceased person can be complicated. While estate planning documents can certainly help probate go more smoothly, issues with those documents or unexpected outcomes could cause confusion. In some cases, if the issues cause considerable concern, the legal proceedings could be delayed as conflicts are handled.

Loved ones may need probate litigation due to document mistakes

Some Texas residents may be unaware of the seriousness of estate planning mistakes. In fact, some people could find that they cannot obtain a deceased loved one's assets because a certain form was not filed correctly. Though probate litigation may help in these cases, it can be long and difficult. Additionally, some people may not have the ability to continue fighting.

Blended families, unequal distribution may cause probate issues

Many Texas families have complex elements to them. Some parents may be married while others never tied the knot or opted to divorce. Some families may have biological children and grandchildren, and others may be blended together after previous relationships ended. Families are families no matter what they look like, and it is important that people consider their families and the complexities they may face during probate.

Do you believe an executor has breached the fiduciary duty?

Many Texans feel helpless after the death of a loved one. While working through your grief, you and many others likely also have questions about what will happen to your family member's remaining assets. In a best-case scenario, the decedent will have created an estate plan to address such matters. In a worst-case scenario, the executor of the estate will not follow those wishes or will otherwise not complete the probate process correctly.

Probate litigation case over inheritance being appealed

After the loss of a loved one, it is not unusual for surviving family members in Texas to believe that they will inherit assets from his or her estate. However, it may come as a shock to some to learn that they were disinherited. While some individuals do choose to disinherit family members for various reasons, some parties may believe that the outcome came about unjustly and that probate litigation may be necessary to address the issue.

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