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Estate funds are used for many probate expenses

Being the executor of a Texas estate means that time, effort and sometimes money needs to be put into settling a person's final affairs. Of course, spending money does not necessarily mean that the executor has to resign him or herself to parting ways with personal funds to complete probate. Instead, estate funds are typically used or the executor will be reimbursed for certain expenses.

Undue influence could give cause for probate litigation

Older people often need help with day-to-day activities, especially when their mental sharpness begins to decline. As a result, Texas family members, friends or hired help may be needed to ensure that those daily needs are met. However, some unscrupulous people may subject a vulnerable person to undue influence, and if this wrongdoing results in an undeserving person obtaining a portion of a deceased individual's estate, probate litigation could result.

Do you believe an executor has breached the fiduciary duty?

After your loved one passed away, you undoubtedly felt many strong emotions. Even if the event was expected due to illness or old age, it can still hit hard. Still, you may have already known that your family member intended to leave you part of his or her estate, and you look forward to obtaining those assets so that you still have a piece of your loved one.

Probate is not always required but often is

Most people likely do not find it ideal to jump into complicated situations after the death of a loved one. After all, taking time to process and heal emotionally is important. However, some scenarios may not be put off for too long, and that includes starting the probate process for the decedent's remaining estate.

No estate planning instructions makes probate more difficult

Families often have the obligation of settling the estates of their deceased loved ones. Probate is the process typically used to carry out the needed tasks to close an estate if the decedent did not take steps to avoid the process. Unfortunately, some individuals do not plan ahead at all or do not attempt to do so before it is too late, and family members are commonly left struggling.

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