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No estate planning instructions makes probate more difficult

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Families often have the obligation of settling the estates of their deceased loved ones. Probate is the process typically used to carry out the needed tasks to close an estate if the decedent did not take steps to avoid the process. Unfortunately, some individuals do not plan ahead at all or do not attempt to do so before it is too late, and family members are commonly left struggling.

Texas residents may be interested in this type of difficult situation that a woman in another state is experiencing. The woman’s mother did not leave a will, trust or any other type of estate planning document before her passing. The family tried to put some paperwork in order before that time came and had to do so at the expense of leaving their mother while she did not have much time left.

The woman stated that she does not feel like she can even mourn for her mother because she and her other family members are taking on the difficult task of closing her estate. She also stated that she wished she had taken the time to push her mother to create these important plans. Having to witness her mother’s decline and trying to get the necessary paperwork in order caused her to have a myriad of emotions during that difficult time.

While a best-case scenario would involve a loved one having created a comprehensive estate plan, that is not always the case, as this situation shows. Some Texas residents may be left with little or no instruction on how to settle their loved one’s affairs, and they may be facing difficult probate proceedings. However, they do not have to struggle through these processes alone because experienced attorneys are available to help interested individuals.