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May 2019 Archives

Recently found wills may affect Franklin estate administration

After the death of music legend Aretha Franklin in 2018, many people in Texas and across the country were shocked to learn that she did not have a will in place to distribute her remaining assets. As a result, difficulties regarding the estate administration arose. However, recent developments may only have more issues regarding her estate coming to the forefront.

Probate sometimes requires selling real estate

Handling any type of real estate issues can be a struggle. When the property does not even directly belong to a person, that individual can have even more difficulties. Some Texas residents may wonder why a person who does not own the property would have to handle its problems, but executors could find themselves in this position during probate.

Details of estate plans important to executors during probate

Though many Texas residents understand that settling a loved one's final affairs after death is necessary, just as many may not fully know what that entails. Commonly, estates go through the probate process, which gives the executor the opportunity to handle all necessary remaining affairs. However, the process can be complicated.

Tasks and responsibilities of estate executors

When a person agrees to act as the executor of a loved one's estate, he or she agrees to take on a great deal of responsibilities. If you hold this position and now face the tasks associated with settling your recently deceased loved one's estate, you may have many questions about what you will face during this process.

Probate litigation continues over Prince's estate

Losing a loved one is not an easy experience. Even years after a person's death, complications with the estate can continue to cause turmoil for surviving family. In some cases, probate litigation may continue for an extended period of time if loved ones believe that those involved in handling the estate are not doing so properly.

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