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Chris Cornell’s daughter makes estate administration claim

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Even years after a person’s death, surviving loved ones could face conflicts over the estate. Some issues could revolve around estate administration and whether the actions taken by representatives suit the estate and final wishes of a loved one. Whatever the case, estate issues could cause considerable complications.

Texas residents may be interested in a claim that was recently filed by the daughter of late musician Chris Cornell. According to reports, before his death, Cornell had set up a trust fund that would pay for his daughter’s college tuition and other related expenses. The fund has already paid for $42,000 in tuition from Lily Cornell Silver’s first year in college. However, she had apparently dropped out of college during her second semester. Now, she is requesting the trust funds though she is no longer enrolled.

The representative for the estate, Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell, denied the request. She stated that the daughter would not receive any additional funds from the trust until she re-enrolls in college. Details on the exact claim made by Lily Cornell Silver were not given in the report, but legal representation for Vicky Cornell indicated that they were shocked by the claim.

Estate administration is certainly not an easy task, and claims could come against the estate that need addressing. If estate representatives are having to handle disputes, they will certainly want to ensure that they understand the best options for doing so. Consulting with their Texas legal counsel could help concerned parties determine what steps may allow them to properly handle any conflict relating to the estates under their administration.