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Receiving a copy of the will before probate

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Probate & Estate Administration |

After a Texas loved one’s death, the information he or she left behind in an estate plan can be immensely important. His or her will can indicate who should receive certain assets and who should handle the probate process. Of course, surviving loved ones may be interested in who can see the contents of the will.

In reality, once the will goes into the public record after court validation, anyone could look at the document. However, it is usual for the executor named in the will, any guardians appointed in the document and named beneficiaries to receive a copy of it. If the estate has an accountant, that person will likely also receive a copy to better address financial matters associated with probate, such as what the will may say about compensation for the executor.

It is also possible that an heir not named in the will could receive a copy. This may be particularly useful if the heir was named in a previous will and removed from an updated version. Having a copy of the new version could allow the disinherited party to review the terms and determine whether filing a will contest could suit the circumstances.

Probate typically requires numerous actions, and many surviving loved ones want to stay informed of what is going on. Having a copy of the will could help those parties have at least some information and give them the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns. If problems do exist, it may be wise to discuss those concerns with a Texas probate attorney.