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Probate litigation taking place over estate size, other details

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Probate Litigation |

When siblings do not get along, the lives of Texas parents and those elsewhere can be made miserable. Even after their parents’ deaths, adult children can continue to squabble and disagree over the estate. In some cases, the disagreements could reach a point at which resolutions may only be found through probate litigation.

Disputes between siblings have recently led to such action in another state. Apparently, one of five surviving children of a businessman has indicated that his father’s estate is essentially bankrupt with over $110 million in debt. He and one of his sisters had apparently planned to conduct an estate sale in efforts to obtain some proceeds, but another sister took issue with their actions.

She apparently found out about the intended sale the afternoon before it was to take place. As a result, she took legal action and was granted a court order to stop the estate sale. Her brother had apparently told her in an email that their father had left her $200,000 in cash, but due to his remaining debts, it was unlikely that she would receive it. However, the sister believes that certain information and documents have been withheld from her and is hoping to gain more information to clear up many questions about the estate.

When there are confusion and mistrust among surviving loved ones, reaching out for an unbiased take on the situation may be necessary. Probate litigation can help all parties involved provide their sides in efforts to reach a resolution. Of course, any Texas residents involved in this type of legal case have the ability to reach out for personal legal support.