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The probate process can be difficult on grieving executors

Taking time to grieve after the death of a loved one is important. Of course, grief does not always mean that all other activities can be put on hold indefinitely. In particular, if a family member has been named the executor of the remaining estate, he or she has the obligation of starting the probate process and seeing it through to completion.

Probate can become complicated when a beneficiary passes away

When closing an estate, each case is different. Some Texas residents may need to handle a considerable number of assets for a deceased individual, and others may see relatively short and simple probate proceedings. Of course, issues could arise at any time during the process that may cause some confusion for executors.

Do your loved one's will and trust contradict each other?

You may have felt relieved to know that your parent prepared an estate plan before passing away. An estate plan can relieve a family of much confusion and tension because it clarifies the goals and wishes of the deceased. This may reduce or eliminate the chances of family members arguing over the distribution of property or even the final resting place of the deceased.

Probate litigation involves investors looking for payment

After a person's passing, his or her final affairs need to be handled. In some cases, this process can be complicated, especially if claims come against the estate. Probate litigation can result if creditors or other parties feel that they are owed something from the estate that does not appear to be forthcoming.

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