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Company shares at center of probate litigation

Family fights are often a way of life in Texas and across the country. At some point or another, a squabble will break out that may or may not have a simple resolution. After the death of a loved one, family disputes can easily lead to probate litigation if multiple parties disagree on how assets should be distributed.

Glen Campbell estate facing probate litigation

Families in Texas and elsewhere often face issues among themselves and with others. In some cases, children and parents can become estranged, and after a parent passes, issues could arise if surviving children believe that there are problems with the will or inheritances in general. Some parents may even disinherit children, but that may not prevent probate litigation.

No will, or too many wills, could lead to probate litigation

There are many issues that could lead to conflicts when working to settle the estate of a recently-deceased Texas resident. When there are complex or valuable assets involved, especially with those of successful artists, it can be difficult to work through the legal proceedings of closing the estate without the right information. Unfortunately, probate litigation may take place in hopes of coming to terms.

Unclear wording in will leads to probate litigation

When a loved one passes away, surviving family can become very protective over the assets left behind. In particular, when a will seems to leave instructions for distribution, individuals can feel dismayed when it appears that those instructions are not being followed. In fact, some issues could even lead to probate litigation.

Handwritten will leads to probate litigation

In Texas and elsewhere, obtaining an unexpected inheritance can often make anyone feel a sense of joy and excitement. However, before assets can be distributed, a will must be validated and the probate process needs to take place. Unfortunately, during the legal proceedings, conflicts could arise that lead to probate litigation.

Probate litigation can involve many people and entities

Many complications can arise after a Texas resident's death. When estate plans or beneficiary designations have not been updated, the chance for conflict could increase. In many cases, probate litigation may be necessary in order to resolve these conflicts, and third parties could end up caught up in the disputes.

Estate funds could be used to address probate litigation

Being named executor of an estate can bring about mixed emotions. Some people may feel honored that their loved ones trusted them with such responsibility, and others may feel overwhelmed by the idea of going through probate. In particular, Texas residents may worry about the possibility of estate disputes and having to go through probate litigation.

Could family discussion lessen the chances of probate litigation?

Family relationships often prove difficult. While many Texas residents are able to get along well enough with their loved ones, there are still certain situations in which a rift could easily occur. In particular, if a parent dies and the contents of his or her estate plan come as a surprise, disagreements and possibly even probate litigation could take place.

Family conflict often leads to probate litigation

Families often have disagreements. Conflict typically comes with the territory no matter how much Texas family members love each other. When a loved one dies, the potential for conflict may increase as emotions run high, and some individuals may feel entitled to certain assets or have concerns about the decedent's true intentions. When these issues come about, probate litigation may take place.

A 2nd marriage may have kids considering probate litigation

Getting married more than once is common for many Texas residents. These second or additional marriages may also come with children from previous marriages, and blended families are created. Though some individuals may feel very attached to their stepparents and stepsiblings, it is possible that conflict could arise after a biological parent's passing. As a result, probate litigation could ensue.

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