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Probate & estate administration misuse may impact Texas residents

Many Texas residents likely understand that dealing with family can sometimes be difficult. When these issues present themselves after a loved one's death, complications could arise pertaining to the estate. If individuals believe that certain family members or other pertinent parties are not following estate plans as they have been legally established, they may wish to consult with probate & estate administration attorneys.

What happens if my parents pass away without a will?

In a time of grieving the loss of your parents, it may feel scary thinking about the unknowns surrounding a possible will, and whether your parents' prized possessions will be passed on how they would have wanted. It's not just about material things, but about the legacy your parents left behind.

Steps to take after a parent passes away

Losing a parent is difficult at any age. Even when a parent has lived a long and full life, saying goodbye is rarely easy. Not only do the adult children have to deal with the loss, they also have to deal with the legal aspects of a death, which can be daunting and confusing, especially during an already difficult time.

Probate & estate administration issues for Prince case

As many individuals in Texas and across the country have mourned the death of music legend Prince over the last few months, issues concerning his estate have continued. The late artist died without having created a will, and as result, there have been complications pertaining to his probate & estate administration. Without information provided by the singer himself, court proceedings have continued.

Probate & estate administration: MLK case ongoing

Facing problems with a family member's estate could cause considerable upset to the surviving loved ones. Many individuals who are a part of their family members' probate & estate administration may not always agree with one another on certain decisions. As a result, litigation may be necessary in order to for serious issues to be resolved. 

Probate & estate administration concerns not unusual in Texas

Without the proper information, many Texas residents could find themselves wondering how to handle the estate of a late loved one. Individuals may be uncertain whether they can obtain access to a decedent's will, and any number of issues could arise. In most instances, a seasoned probate & estate administration attorney can help identify and resolve any problems. 

Independent vs. dependent estate administration

If you are like most people you probably are unfamiliar with probate in general, let alone the difference between independent and dependent estate administration. In general, more court oversight is required in dependent estate administration. It is important, however, to further understand what distinguishes these two options and the requirements of each. This is particularly true if you are the executor of an estate.

Probate & estate administration issues may arise in Texas

When it comes to handling a deceased individual's estate, the situation can become complicated if the decedent did not leave a will or any other estate plans behind. Such was the case with a now-famed street photographer who left no will behind after her somewhat recent death. Texas residents may be interested in the probate & estate administration issues that have since arisen.

The nitty-gritty of probate in Texas

The purpose of the probate process is to expedite the division of a deceased person’s assets and make it simpler on his or her family. Having said that, at a sensitive time like this, it could all get a bit much to handle for family members and things could go south really quickly.

What is probate and when do you need it in Texas?

If someone close to you has passed away and you need to wrap up his or her affairs, you may not know where to begin. You may be asking yourself several questions. Do I need to probate the will? What does a probate court do? Do I need an attorney? Below are answers to some of these common questions.

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