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Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC

Who We Are

We are a leading law firm made up of experienced, committed, and compassionate legal professionals dedicated to the resolution of probate, estate, guardianship, and trust matters in both adversarial and non-adversarial settings.

Our attorneys serve as trusted advisors and confidants to individuals, families, and businesses, providing sophisticated legal solutions to complex legal problems that often transcend municipal, state, and national borders.

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Our Vision

Making Tomorrow Possible

We shepherd our clients through times of crisis and guide them towards a resolution of what is many times the most challenging situation they’ve experienced during their lifetime.  In helping them reach the other side so that they can plan for a brighter future, we recognize the transformative effect that our counsel may have on the lives of the individuals we serve.

Our Values

Empowering Clients

We give a voice to the people we represent and actively solicit their thoughts, perspectives, and opinions over the course of our engagement. Our intent is to provide our clients with superlative legal counsel so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions in complex, high-stakes probate matters.

Embracing Adversity

We rise enthusiastically to every occasion and meet the challenges facing our clients with passion, courage, and indefatigable zeal. Our clients’ hardships are deeply personal to us. It is our obligation to reciprocate client trust with competent, relentless advocacy on their behalf.

Exploring Opportunities

We navigate our clients through uncertain legal landscapes where the path to success is not well-marked. Our professionals frame the relevant issues, identify unseen possibilities, seek out value in improbable places, and create a roadmap to achieve client goals. Flexibility and open-mindedness are our watchwords, and we will never hesitate to change our legal strategy to accommodate the changing circumstances of a particular case.

Exercising Empathy

We exhibit genuine compassion for our clients and strive to understand their individual needs. Our role is both that of lawyer and counselor. We value those we represent as human beings who bring with them the full range of human emotions. At all times, we endeavor to respect our clients’ feelings and remain cognizant of the emotional toll wrought upon them by trying times. We assuage the client’s fear, anxiety, and distress through attentive listening and calm reassurance.

Innovating Solutions

We provide creative, cutting-edge legal services that are custom-tailored to the unique circumstances of each case.  We are a modern law practice that seizes on contemporary developments in probate, estate, and trust laws to develop state-of-the-art, case-winning strategies. Our willingness to eschew conventional wisdom, take a contrarian view, and consider an unorthodox approach is what sets us apart.

Setting Standards

We aspire to be the standard of excellence in the field of probate, estate, trust, and guardianship law. Our legal practitioners are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and unrivaled legal representation. We draw upon our extensive knowledge, experience, and skill to deliver remarkable outcomes.