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Executor mistakes may lead to probate litigation in Texas

When a family member passes away in Texas or any part of the country, it is not unusual for a will to have been left behind dictating certain actions pertaining to the estate. An executor is often named to carry out the instructions in the will, but this individual is commonly a family member who may not have extensive knowledge on how to handle the required duties. In some cases, a mistake could lead to probate litigation.

Independent vs. dependent estate administration

If you are like most people you probably are unfamiliar with probate in general, let alone the difference between independent and dependent estate administration. In general, more court oversight is required in dependent estate administration. It is important, however, to further understand what distinguishes these two options and the requirements of each. This is particularly true if you are the executor of an estate.

Situations where you may want to change your estate plan

There’s a belief that the key to a long life is being able to adjust as life changes. There may be some truth to that. After all, technological innovations have changed the way we communicate with each other, safety innovations have changed how cars and trucks are designed and changes in law have changed the way we live. 

Probate & estate administration issues may arise in Texas

When it comes to handling a deceased individual's estate, the situation can become complicated if the decedent did not leave a will or any other estate plans behind. Such was the case with a now-famed street photographer who left no will behind after her somewhat recent death. Texas residents may be interested in the probate & estate administration issues that have since arisen.

Has undue influence tainted your loved one's will?

The situation often goes something like this: After a loved one passes away, his or her family members are surprised to learn of a last-minute change in the will. Large sums of money or property were left to a single person. The change just doesn't seem in line with your loved one's intentions. Suspicions build, and you start to wonder whether the recipient twisted your loved one's arm.

How to avoid harmful financial decisions in your golden years

Most of us, if we are in good health, imagine that we will live to a ripe old age. This means that as the older we get, the better we will have to manage our money. Not only because of the specter of outliving our savings, but to make sure that we are not taken advantage of so that we are not robbed of our retirement.

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